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Free yourself from Persistent Habits - Quit Today

Fed up with your addiction to smoking or alcohol?

Tired and fed up of being a slave to your smoking or alcohol addiction which is now having a real negative impact on your health?  Is stopping no longer an option?  Is giving up constantly on your mind? Have you resolved to stop, time and time again, only to start again, the moment the going gets tough?  


No one said it was going to be easy  ... Now it’s time to take the weight off your mind and try something different!  


So why can hypnotherapy and NLP help you break the habit?

*     It directly tackles your corrupted subconscious programmng

*     It helps you develop new entrenched beliefs

*     It empowers you to focus on what you want and not what you don't want

*     It nurtures your motivation for the long term; and


The British Medical Association has acknowledged the use of hypnosis as the most effective method of treating smoking addiction.


So how many sessions will I need?

I generally recommend you have a a course of six sessions as this will generally enable us to tackle   engrained beliefs and habits that you have developed over your lifetime.


So how does it work?

In the first session we will spend time talking about your addiction, we will dig deep and by answering questions that get you thinking you will truly see for the first time the negative impact that your addiction is having on your life, your health, and very possibly your loved ones.  Getting to understand what’s really important, to you and what you would specifically like to change is critical.


By exploring the differences between where you are today, and planning for your future.  We can begin to  identify what needs to change in order to achieve your goal.  There is no hypnotherapy in the first session.


The subsequent five hypnotherapy sessions are tailored to your individual needs, with the last session consisting of a bespoke self hypnosis script for your use.

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