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Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you with anxiety, stress, weight loss and many other issues

Worried about being over weight, lacking in confidence, struggling to cope with unhealthy habits that are having a negative impact on you and those you love?


Hypnotherapy and NLP can be the key to help you unlock your true potential, and empower you to move you from imagination to reality and be the solution for you.


We all dream, dream of being slimmer, more confident, less anxious/depressed, a non smoker.. our dreams can and do become reality ...  all things are possible and anything is achievable ...  All things materialise from a single thought ‘our thoughts consciously and unconsciously become things’!  Thomas Edison's 'Lightbulb moment'... is testimony to this!


Hypnotherapy and NLP is about empowering you to make long lasting changes... by changing the way you think impacts on the way you behave ...  Hypnotherapy can free you from those things that you no longer want in your life; overweight, unhealthy addictions; smoking, alcohol, anxiety, stressed, worried.  Hypnotherapy can just take the weight off your mind, freeing you to enjoy life more fully.  


My role is to help you focus on what you want, working together we find solutions which help achieve your goals.  I help you become more self-aware through a process of :-

  • Crystallising your values.  Values often become eroded over time, getting back in touch with what is important to you; realigning values helps motivate you to achieve your goals;

  • Challenging outdated beliefs.   Negative beliefs, left unchallenged build over time and like a fortress can imprison and impact on your life.  Creating positive empowering  beliefs can help you achieve your goals.


The techniques that we will work with will help you to understand why you are stuck, and what steps you can take to bring about the necessary change(s).  Working together we can take the weight off your mind and bring about the long lasting changes that you have been looking for, creating new empowering  behaviours that enrich your life for the better.


By embracing new positive beliefs and behaviours, change is  inevitable ... sounds amazing?   You will be!

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