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Hypnosis is great for helping you overcome insomnia and sleep disorders.


Your unconsious mind has a memory for virtually everything you do, including your sleep patterns, consequently it memorises both good and poor sleep.  


Often with sleep deprivation what we begin to focus on is the 'sleep disturbance'... unfortunatley this only goes to reinforce the memory, so we begin to create what we fear happening the most, 'a disturbed night's sleep'.


Through hypnosis we focus on your positive sleep behaviour, focusing on the memory, "the very positive memory of good quality sleep, sleeping deeply and continually through the night and waking up refreshed in the morning"


My client turned to hypnosis to help her find techniques to help her overcome her insomnia.

More Testimonials

Hypnosis helped me overcome my sleep problems!  




"My previous knowledge of hypnotherapy was vague, and I did not know how NLP would work for me.


I was in a desperate state when I contacted Nicci, I had not slept in weeks and was scared that I had forgotten how to sleep.


Nicci was able to listen to my concerns and needs and then create a personalised programme over 6 weeks, where we explored different aspects of why I may not be sleeping.


Through hypnosis, I was able to relax and explore hidden fears, I was able to listen to my inner voice and rationalise my thoughts. Nicci gave me exercises and information to take away with, this gave me tools to use at my discretion and practice some of the techniques. I was able to open up my stress bucket and let my worries and concerns melt away. I am incredibly grateful to Nicci and I would thoroughly recommend Hypnotherapy and NLP to other people."