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Hypnotheraphy and NLP can help you overcome stress, anxiety and help you to stop worrying

How can hypnotherapy help you overcome anxiety, and stress?


Are you feeling fed up, stressed and/or anxious, depressed, can't stop worrying, can't sleep, lack confidence, suffer with low self esteem?


Breakthrough Hypnotherapy can help you recognise at both conscious and unconsious levels the signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety.  Using a combination of clinical and self hypnosis, it can provide you with strategies to manage the pyschological affects associated with anxiety and stress and help boost your confidence and self esteem.


So why can Hypnotherapy and NLP help you build your confidence, eliminate stress and anxiety  ? It ... 

  • Breaks negative and limiting patterns of thinking and behaving

  • Reprogrammes you to do things differently

  • Develops a positive mindset

  • Develops a 'will do... can do attitude'

  • Helps you focus on what you want, not what you don't want

  • Unlocks your true potential

  • Maintains motivation; and


Just imagine .... “When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge” Tuli Kupferbergm


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