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Testimonial on pain management and anxiety



"NLP enabled me to think about my body in a different way and become accepting of my condition and to work with my body rather than against it which gave me immediate relief as I was less stressed and had renewed hope for overcoming my condition.


I have recently reduced my medication and found that by using the strategies that I have learnt through NLP, I recognised early warning signs of the symptoms, coupled with the reduction in medication, I am sure that this has helped me immensely.  


From the time that I started to use self hypnosis and began to give my body permission ’to be’ it gave me almost instant relief and the symptoms dissipate almost immediately.   I hadn’t recognised how tense I was getting by fighting my body which I had been doing for three years.  In my view there is clearly healing ability within your own self and mind."


Civil Servant  ... East Devon