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Therefore, I strongly believe  that our three sessions of  hypnotherapy provided me with the tools to carry my daughter down to theatre and sing to her until she was anesthetised.


Prior to our sessions I wasn’t even able to be in the same room when the doctors took blood, so I consider this to be a massive shift in what I can now face and deal with.


Overall, the Hypnotherapy you offer is of a professional, polished and organized standard."


My thanks again and all the best for the future."  Social Worker - Exmouth September 2013



19th October 2013


Operation successful - mother and daughter doing well!!

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When she came to me we worked together and used hypnotherapy to help her manage her anxiety in a healthier way which reduced the stress she was experiencing.


TESTIMONIAL - Stress - Anxiety


"I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help, support and guidance with managing my fears and anxiety around my daughters pending operation. The information you gave was thorough and the examples and evidence underpinning ‘why’ people do/think the way we do made for valuable and insightful learning.


The subtle shifts in my thinking dramatically changed my perspective and allowed me on the morning of the operation to remain calm, thus not allowing my daughter to pick up on my fears and anxieties.

Hypnotherapy helps to relieve stress and anxiety for mum of three month old

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Case Study:


We all face challenges in life, and often it's the unexpected that brings us the most joy but unfortunately on occasion life has its way of overshadowing our joy with sorrow.


My client, a forty year old - third time mum, given her age after having gone through the uncertainty conceiving, faced a further challenge upon the birth of her beautiful daughter.  


Her daughter was born with a serious health condition and at three months old she had to undergo a complex and potentially life threatening 4hr operation at Gt Ormond Street Childrens' Hospital in London.  


Understandably leading up to the operation my client was becoming more anxious and fearful, couldn't stop worrying, which was beginning to overwhelm her.