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Fearing the consequences of her own dependency on coco cola she did some further research and decided she needed to break the habit before it broke her!


TESTIMONIAL - Quitting unhealthy habits!


I have being drinking coca cola since that age of 10 and am now 24. I became very aware recently of how much I was drinking on a daily basis, 1 to 2 litres daily. I started to think about the health implications it was having on me and the effects on my lifestyle. I had begun to use coca cola as a food source and was skipping important meals during the day and replacing with a can of cola. This was also limiting my choices to what I would drink, I very rarely would drink any other form of liquid, and even water was maybe once a week.


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Hypnotherapy can help you to quit unhealthy habits (coco-cola addiction) - see testimonial

Case Study:


My client, in her early twenties first started to drink coco cola when she was 10 years old.  I  hear you say, 'there's nothing unusual in that!'


However over the years, the more independent she became, with the freedom to make her own choices the more dependent she became on coco cola.


She is a carer and had begun to work with people who had suffered ABI "Acquired Brian Injury" which is an injury caused by a traumatic or non-traumatic event. ABI  can have physical, cognitive and behavioural consequences that can be complex and difficult to manage.  The people that she had been working with had previously had a strong dependency on high sugar drinks which were not dis-similar to her own.  

After a recommendation from a friend, I spoke to Nicci to see if she felt she would be able to help. I had never experienced hypnotherapy before and was unsure what to expect, but Nicci made me feel very comfortable and at ease.


After just my first session with Nicci, I decided to make the change and stopped drinking cola from when I left my session (go cold turkey).  I then continued to visit Nicci once a week for 3 further weeks and am pleased to say I am still no longer drinking cola and am leading a healthier lifestyle with my diet and drinking habits.


The urge to buy that can of cola in the shop has gone and I have replaced cola with water and am trying new drinks giving me variety and options.


I would like to say a big thank you to Nicci for helping me through this process, it’s the best thing I have done for myself!


Ms M, Exmouth