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TESTIMONIAL - Helping build self esteem and increase confidence!


"I contacted Nicci as I had been having some issue's with low self esteem, lack of confidence and stress management.


We had 6 sessions, of which were really enjoyable as well as being exceptionally useful.


What I really liked about it was the fact that there was a plan of action - as I felt that, compared to counselling, this was not dwelling on my problems, I felt that we found solutions.


I was totally amazed by the outcome, I was helped by Nicci to think differently and change my negative thoughts.


I was made to feel really comfortable and cared about. It was like we were working as a team for my benefit.


We generally used NLP techniques which worked really well. I now see that I have the skills to improve my self esteem and it is my own choice how I think. The fact that I have improved my self esteem has in turn helped my stress management issues.


I feel that I can now overcome fears that I may have shied away from. I feel like a new person. I would definitely recommend Nicci to anyone!"                                                    

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Low self esteem : build your self esteem and like this rose, you're confidence will blossom!


Low self estaeem and a lack of confidence can affect all aspects of our lives; relationships, career progression, happiness and ultimately our health.


Our thinking is replayed just like an internal movie in our mind, day in day out we replay the same old movies, listen to the same old scripts (inner dialogue).  We can bring about change, when we look at the movie, understand what's not working and replace it with a new movie, and new script.  


Change comes when we think new thoughts, because our thoughts effect our emotions and behaviours:


  • What we think determines what we believe,

  • what we believe determines how we behave

  • The way we feel influences how we act


Negative thinking patterns act like weed killer, we need to nourish our minds with positive visual imagery and language, this nourishes and enables us to flourish and blossom!

NLP can help build confidence