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Stress reduction is an indispensable part of any pain nerve treatment.  


We therefore agreed to consider whether:-

•A combination of Clinical Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis could help her to alter her perception of the pain during an episode, using visual imagery of the pain and finding ways to accept and heal it?  

•How she could reduce her general stress and anxiety, which she believed exacerbated her symptoms?

•In exploring the above this could reduce her fears about future flare ups?


We also explored her thoughts, feelings and behaviours, by thinking about her condition differently, this generated new feelings and reduced her levels of anxiety and associated stress.  

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Case Study:

My client, in her mid forties  had been suffering with Post herpetic neuralgia which is a nerve pain that persists after a shingles rash has cleared.  The symptoms would come and go, however the discomfort experienced was having a detrimental impact on her physical and mental wellbeing.  The pain experienced was usually a constant, burning, or gnawing pain. The affected area of skin was often very sensitive.


Shingles causes inflammation of the nerve. Pain can be expected whilst the rash and inflammation occur. However, it is not clear why some people continue to have pain when the inflammation has gone. It is thought that some scar tissue next to the nerve, or in the nearby part of the spinal cord, may be a factor. This may cause pain messages to be sent to the brain.


My client told me that she was struggling not only with the level of discomfort but also the level of anxiety about the ongoing potential future discomfort.


Having researched her condition in some detail, I found that there was evidence to suggest that the healthier a person’s mind and body the better able they are to cope.  Research has shown that taking time and taking good care, most people find that neuralgia gets better with fewer and milder occurrences.

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