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Hypnotherapy helped me to find a new direction in life

The power of the sun setting ... We often stop in awe at the beauty of the setting sun  as it radiates across our skies, as it slips  out of sight at the end of another day.  


With the setting of the sun and in the stillness of the night we often find ourselves contemplating life, reflecting on the 'what ifs'  'buts' and 'maybes'.


Throughout our lives we subconsiously re-evaluate and adjust.  Often when we hit big birthdays, 30's, 40's, 50's we find ourselves consiously doing this ...


When we silence the mind, we begin to relax and can tap into our inner wisdom which can lead us to grow and change; give us a different perspective on life, a greater appreciation for  what's important to us and help us to focus on a new course or direction.


When we relax, we see things much more clearly... quietening the mind creates inner tranquility, just like the stillness of calm waters.


One of the NLP strategies I use with clients is to work with them to revisit their core values.  Often over time we can lose sight of what's important to us which can lead to inner conflict - realigining our values can help our decision making.   "What we change inwardly will change outer reality."

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