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The NLP sessions helped me to identify the significant episodes and life experiences which had previously resulted in my use of anger as a coping strategy. My particular issue was the way that I used anger along with my difficulty controlling the emotion and being aware of its rise to the surface. After just a few sessions of NLP I started to see how I may work towards a better understanding and eventually a solution.


I am not suggesting that facing up to these type of issues with the support of NLP is a quick or simple fix, it is not.  Much of the work is done by yourself during and between NLP sessions.  By this I mean that you will begin to understand your life’s journey and the resulting emotional effects as you revisit significant episodes throughout your life. NLP simply gave me an extraordinary opportunity to view these important episodes from a new and fresh perspective.  I began to understood where my use of anger, as a tool for life, had begun and started work towards controlling it’s misuse.


I am now receiving a series of hypnotherapy sessions as the next step and to reinforce the work done with NLP. The first hypnotherapy session was both enlightening and rewarding and left me feeling relaxed and looking forward to the next.  Nicola has a deeply calming and understanding approach to helping you through your problems and I would recommend her to anyone considering treatment of this kind.”  Business Owner - Exmouth  - October 2014

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Anger Management


"Having experienced what seemed to have been a life time of unfortunate issues throughout my childhood and adult life I developed difficulty dealing with anger in certain situations. I had already dealt with alcohol addiction which I thought at first was the route cause of my uncontrollable outbursts of anger.  Despite not having drank alcohol for over ten years and was still experiencing the problem.


As Many of us do I had buried my head in the sand for some time and found it simpler to find other scape goats or reasons to justify my actions and behaviour.


I decided to look for alternative ways to help with the issue. Nicola had been recommended by one of her previous clients, and although nervous at first, I was soon made welcome feeling relaxed and confident that I may finally have found a route to solving the problem.