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TESTIMONIAL - Helping reduce anxiety!


"I was due to have an operation but because of past experiences I was getting quite stressed about it. This was affecting me at home and work and making me feel that I was not myself at all.


At first my doctor suggested cognitive behaviour therapy but when I discussed this further hypnotherapy was suggested. I had found hypnotherapy useful previously when addressing issues from my past.


I was referred to Nicci as a therapist that may be able to help and I made my initial appointment. I found Nicci very easy to talk to and felt at ease disscussing my feelings and how they were affecting me.


Nicci and I discussed how we could work together and set a timetable leading up to my operation. After just one session I felt much better and more relaxed about the operation which helped me greatly. This feeling improved with each seesion and by the time the operation came I was thoroughly relaxed about it.


I would recommend Nicci to anyone in this sort of situation and would certainly contact her again if necessary."


June 2014

(Mrs G ... East Devon)

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Case Study:


My client, in her mid fifties was due to have invasive surgery and the thought of this was making her extremely tense and anxious.  


She was struggling to manage her heightened levels of anxiety which was impacting on her confidence.  Ordinarily very sociable and outgoing, she found that she was locking herself away, avoiding socialising with friends so that she could avoid talking about her health and her forthcoming operation. 

Hypnotherapy helps reduce anxiety - see testimonial