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TESTIMONIAL - Stress - Anxiety


"I came to 3-4 hypnotherapy sessions over the course of a few weeks during the summer of 2013. Initially Nicci offered the sessions based on weightloss but it became clear that underlying stresses and strains in my daily life were a greater priority for me at that time. Nicci then adapted the sessions to help me deal with anxieties and worries I was having with my teenage son’s mental health issues.


Over the course of the sessions Nicci was able to help me feel relaxed and more confident and prepared to deal with the very stressful period of my life and the impact it was having on my own health - weight gain exercise plan and general happiness. The sessions made me appraise all the positives in my life at that point and understand eventually why I had the ongoing weight issue.


Even though I couldn’t complete the 6 session programme due to other logistical external factors I strongly believe the sessions that I had were an invaluable input and helped me through a very worrying and emotionally turbulent summer."

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Hypnotherapy does help reduce stress and anxiety - testimonial

Case Study:


My client, in her late forties, a mum of three teenagers, with a husband working overseas found herself struggling to lose weight.  


It's not uncommon for women in their mid to late forties to struggle with weightloss and hypnotherapy can acheive great results   for weight management.


However in the first session it became very clear that what Mrs T was really struggling with was managing the very challenging behaviour that her  teenage son was displaying, which was being compounded by his refusal to engage with mental health professionals. The situation was beginning to impact on the family unit and leaving Mrs T feeling unable to cope.  


We worked together and used hypnotherapy to help her manage her stress, and anxiety in a healthier way which reduced the stress she was experiencing.


Outcomes ...


"My weight gain and son's mental health issues haven't gone away but I know for a fact I am a better more confident person in how I deal with it as a result of Nicci’s sessions. I am very grateful and pleased with what she did for me.........Thank you! "



Mrs T (East Devon)

(48 year old stay at home mum 3 kids with a husband who works overseas!)