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She booked a 6 week programme and during this time we used a combination of Hypnosis and NLP and worked on challenging her attitude towards food and the way she thought about other aspects of her life which were causing her stress and anxiety.  


TESTIMONIAL - Weight loss and Anxiety


"My experience with Nicci has been transformational. During my sessions for weight loss hypnotherapy I felt completely physically and mentally relaxed through her confident and calming approach.


Throughout my programme I had the full support of Nicci both in the sessions but also outside of them. She has enabled me to learn more about why I make the decisions I do in relation to food which has resulted in an attitude and behaviour change towards eating.

Hypnotherapy helps with weight loss and relieves anxiety - taking a step in the right direction

Case Study:


Since joining Weight Watchers, some eleven months earlier, my client had lost 2½ stone, however there had been little or no change in her weight in the last few months and she was feeling despondent and less and less motivated.


She had also been to see her GP a number of times in the last 12 months, as she was suffering from stress and anxiety.  My client had been the victim of cyber bullying some years ago and this had left her feeling less confident and anxious


She was prescribed anti-depressants but had decided not to take them but chose hypnosis as an alternative.  


She was very clear from the outset that she wanted to change her attitude towards food and the way she viewed it and that she was committed to making changes in her life.

I would recommend the weight loss programme to anyone who wants to not only lose weight, but completely change the way they see and consume food.


I really can’t thank her enough for changing my perceptions with food and also for helping me with my anxiety!"


When we change what we think, it changes how we feel and how we behave.  Our thinking generates our feelings and from this we develop certain beliefs about ourselves, which either empower or disempower us.  Our thinking is habit ... if we challenge the way we think ... we can bring about change  by uninstalling unhelpful thinking patterns, which then impacts on our feelings, which results in a change in behaviour!


From having had little or no change in her weight for some months prior to seeing me, over the past eight weeks she has now lost 10lbs and is continuing to lose weight!  Furthermore, she is less anxious and stressed and has renewed confidence, and is so much happier.

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