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Losing weight with yo-yo dieting is easily achieved, however maintaining that weight loss for the long term is more challenging!  


Yo-yo dieting doesn’t tackle the reason for the weight gain in the first place, that’s where hypnosis is different.  Hypnosis can help you to tackle the underlying reasons for weight gain which may include emotional food binging, bad habits, cravings and compulsions.  


In November 2014, a  group of ten ladies joined Breakthrough Hypnotherapy’s First 6 Session Group Weight Loss Programme, they experienced varying weight loss.  However, the overall group weight loss was over 2 stone, which was a great success!


More importantly however, was the feedback from those on the course, which reinforces the benefits of hypnosis for weight loss which helps you lose weight and maintain it for the long term.   All of whom said that the programme has helped them to:-


  • Identify unhealthy eating habits and start to develop healthier ones

  • deal with over-eating; compulsions, cravings and negative internal self-talk

  • It has helped them to think and feel more positively about their self image

  • With 83% feeling that it had improve their motivation to exercise!




“If you are seeking to lose weight gradually within a totally supportive environment, then you must consider Nicci Murphy’s,  ‘weight loss programme’ . Nicci’s programme peels back layer by layer the reasons we suffer from issues such as weight gain. Nicci’s guided sessions, enable you to take back the reins and get a grip with your mind and body!  Go for it.! ...make that decision. I am so happy that I did! Thank you so much Nicci.”


This time last year I was 2 1/2 stone heavier ... !  [December 2015]


The Group Weight Loss Programme ran again with a smaller group in 2015, similarly weight loss varied but was achieved.


Group work doesn’t appeal to everyone, so one to one sessions are also available. CONTACT ME for the dates of the next Group programme for 2016 .... at Hands on Health, 16 Victoria Road, Exmouth, Devon  ED8  1DL.



"Aligning both levels of our mind with our goals, (conscious and subconsious) is essential if we want to be successful in creating what we want in life."





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Hypnotherapy helps with weight loss  - taking a step in the right direction for 2015 ... 2016 and beyond!


Taking a step in the right direction

When we change what we think, it changes how we feel and how we behave.


Our thinking generates our feelings and from this we develop certain beliefs about ourselves, which either empowers or disempowers us.  


Our thinking is habit ... if we challenge the way we think ... we can bring about change  by uninstalling unhelpful thinking patterns, which then impacts on our feelings, which results in a change in behaviour!