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Businessman and Entrepreneur


"My name is Michael.  I am 57 years old and have been self employed most of my life and always in a busy lifestyle. Over the last twenty years I have not been looking after my health or my wellbeing by forsaking all for work.. My only relaxation has been Alcohol and food.


Infact I now see that I was eating and drinking as hard as I was working. This really does not work because they counteract each other. I was in a mess.


I finally made the tough decision to look for some help to change my life. I got in touch with Nicci in April this year..Best thing I have done for years.


Through Nicci and her therapy I have taken a huge step forward in looking after my life, my family better, growing my confidence again and really enjoying time out..and guess what my business is even better.


I still work very hard but now know about balance.


It's changed my outlook on just about everything I do and how I want to go forward. I can’t thank Nicci enough. Hypnotherapy has worked for me to date and I know that if I am not out of the woods I can go back to see Nicci again to remind me how well I can do if i want to. "

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Hypnotherapy helped me rebuild my confidence  - and acheive a greater work life balance


Just imagine ....

"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge” Tuli Kupferbergm