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How can hypnotherapy help with weight loss - in Exmouth and East Devon

Lose weight without yoyo dieting

Tired and fed up of yoyo dieting and thinking about nothing other than what diet to tackle next?  Have you tried, tasted, and tested them all only to find that as soon as you 'stop dieting' you pile the pounds back on?    Looking to lose weight effortlessly?   Now it’s time to take the weight off your mind and try something different!  

So how can hypnotherapy and NLP help you to lose weight?

  • It tackles the way you think about food at more powerful levels both consciously and subconsciously

  • It focuses your attenion on what you want ... a slimmer, healthier body

  • It empowers you to remain focused on what you want rather than focusing on what you don't want

  • It nurtures long term motivation for a slimmer healthier body

  • It enables you to manage your weight for the long term

  • It helps you do develop life long change

So how do I lose weight with hypnotherapy?

  • Re-pattern your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about yourself and your relationship with food

  • Get to understand what’s really important to you

  • Be clear about what you are going to change

  • Explore any negative beliefs that you hold about your ability to lose weight

  • Change habits of self sabotage

  • Utilise visualisation techniques to influence your thinking, feeling and eating habits

  • Understand what triggers your emotional eating habits and patterns

  • Develop a healthier self image, boost your self esteem and confidence


By exploring the differences between where you are today, and planning for your future.  We can begin to identify what needs to change in order to achieve your goal.  There is no hypnotherapy in the first session.

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Charlotte Anderson of Shape Magazine writes that  "Overall  Georgia found hypnotherapy to be a great way of readjusting her habits and she really enjoyed the flexibility and inherent 'sensibleness' of the whole approach."

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