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Frequently asked questions about HR & NLP Workplace Solutions in Exmouth and East Devon



Some of the benefits :-


  • Improve staff performance

  • Incrase morale and retention

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Minimise absence due to stress

  • Minimise financial impact of long term absences

  • Improve team working

  • .... In fact the skies the limit!

I provide bespoke HR solutions which are designed to empower individuals to optimise their performance at work.  


As a qualified Human Resources Practitioner (CIPD); Trainer; Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP)  and Hypnotherapist I offer a unique and realistic approach to tackling a wide variety of issues within the workplace:-


What workplace issues/problems do you cover?


Utilising NLP in the coaching context can help individuals and teams deal with a wide range of issues/problems, the list is exhaustive but most commonly includes:- 


  • Personal Development

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Workplace stress  

  • Executive Coaching

  • Business Mentoring

  • Team Building - "Disney Strategy"

  • Leadership development


Skills Development

  • Understand how the language you use affects you and those around you

  • Learn how to ask the most powerful and effective questions

  • Learn how to make powerful action plans which take you a stage further than SMART objetive setting PECSAW


Strategic Focus

  • Disney Creativity Strategy


office workers

So how can it help ?

Often the way we see the problem, is the problem!


A fresh pair of eyes, can help achieve greater clarity and objectivity.

Skys the limit

My services are designed to suport employees either on the phone, via email or face to face.


Solutions are bespoke to individual business needs, I work with both businesses that have their own in-house HR function and those businesses that do not.  The support is client led and I work collaboratively.